With Fiber To The Home technology, you enjoy internet speeds up to 150Mbps. You no longer have to suffer from low internet speed while gaming, streaming high-quality videos, or doing business.

  • TV Streaming

    Have a consistently clear streaming experience. No more streaming pauses.

  • Musical Soul

    Do you hate music streaming cut outs? Because we sure do. With FiberSpeed you’ll never experience that again.

  • Gaming Guru

    Don’t let slow download/upload speed hold back your legacy. Enjoy a lag-free gaming experience.

Unlimited Data

Fastest internet technology

Guaranteed uptime

Lowest latency

Reserved public IP addresses for businesses

Voice over internet protocol is bundled with our FTTH service, catch up with friends, relatives, and colleagues with high-quality voice calls over our internet connection. No more phone call billings. VoIP gives businesses a competitive edge because it’s a cost-effective solution that is simple to install and maintain.

Excellent call quality

Easy to install and maintain

Comes with no price

Efficient and secure

Increased productivity